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The Backcountry journey began in 2012. 

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Aquatic OT and PT 

We offer Pediatric Occupational and Physical aquatic therapy in a 24 ft round saline pool. The pool is heated to 93 degrees year round. At 4.5 feet deep it offers a safe and fun environment for kids to grow and develop skills. 

Occupational & Physical Therapy

We offer Occupational and Physical Therapy in a 9,000 sq foot family- centered, sensory-based pediatric clinic. We provide kids and their families a warm and friendly environment to learn, grow, and develop. We offer swing room, rock climbing wall, bouncy house, calming rooms, and large sensory based gym, just to name a few. 

Home Health Care

We offer in-home services for clients and/or families who are immune-compromised, are not able to secure safe and reasonable transportation to our facility and children whos’ goals and/or needs are based in the home.

Community Based Care

We offer Occupational and Physical therapy in the community to make your child’s sessions more realistic and functional to the real life experiences they will encounter. Community sessions include but are not limited to, parks, shopping stores, restaurants, library, etc. We understand that therapy doesn’t stop when you leave the clinic; so, we offer many opportunities to focus on real life experiences and functional life skills in their communities.

Equine OT/PT

We offer Equine  Occupational and Physical therapy year around. Your child can work on functional life skills while interacting with horses on a daily basis. Heated barn for the winter, and outdoor trail walks through the Alaskan woods in the summers. Our equine program addresses, but is not limited to, motor development, strength, coordination, confidence, sensory exploration, emotional and self regulation coping skills, overall processing, etc.

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